5 Food that is rich in calcium

People who are unaware of the importance of calcium can refer this article. Calcium is the most important minerals which help in building healthy bones, teeth and muscles. The adults must intake approximately 1000 milligrams of calcium per day. But because of this unawareness they tend to omit calcium in their routine diet. It can also be said that calcium are the body building minerals which are highly needed for the people of all age group.

5 Food that is rich in calcium - Collard greens - Broccoli - Kale - Edamame - Figs

Collard greens:
This is a food stuff which posses about 268mg of calcium in one cup. This is not only rich in calcium but they are enriched with vitamin a which is responsible for sharp vision. People who tend to intake this collard regularly will possess sharp vision even in their older age.

In two cup of raw broccoli you can attain about 86mg of calcium. The most astonishing factor they possess double the amount of vitamin c when compared to an orange. They will also help in reducing the risk of bladder cancer and other severe health issues.

This holds about 101 mg of calcium in a cup. This can be considered as the super food as they possess all the required nutrition needed for a body. In spite of other nutrients they are highly rich in vitamin A, K, C and calcium.

This is a common ingredient which is highly used in china and Japan. More of their food items will be flavored with edamame as they are rich in calcium and other fiber content. One can attain 98 mg of calcium in one cup of cooked edamame.

This can be considered as the best mode of calcium which can be easily fed for the kids. As they possess the taste of a sweet desert, kids will prefer eating them without any constrain.

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