5 ways to get down the risk of Breast Cancer

Today breast cancer is one of the most common problems among women. The main reason behind this is considered to be their unawareness on breast cancer. Here are few tips which will help in cutting down the risks of best cancer.
5 ways to get down the risk of breast cancer-fndplan.com
Limit alcohol intake:
It is clinically found that breast cancer is more common among the women who have the habit of in taking alcohol more often. About 70% of these women were affected because of breast cancer. Hence women who tend to intake alcohol can limit their intake. Two to three drinks a week are advisable for women.

Today women don’t find enough to spend on exercises as they were busy with their family responsibilities. It is to be noted that this may lead to the risk of breast cancer. They must workout at least 20 minutes a day.

Avoid women:
Women with over must definitely lose their weight to escape from the severe effects of breast cancer and the women with preferable body weight must initiate better steps to maintain them.

Do monthly examination:
Today, since breast cancer is more common among women, it is better to go for monthly check ups. Doing monthly check ups will help in detecting the breast cancer at very initial stage.

It is advisable for every woman to have mammogram once in a year. With mammogram 98% of the tumor cells can be cleared at the initial stage. Apart from this, in case if a woman possesses any pain or itching in the breast region, she must immediately consult a doctor nearby. Even though there are certain treatments for breast cancer they are not fully curable. Hence it is always better to remain on the safer side. To gain better knowledge on breast cancer, one can feel free to consult the medical experts as this sounds good for their health.

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