Top 3 Cancer Hospital in India

Top 3 Cancer Hospital in India -
As you all know cancer is the most harmful disease in current trend and day by day enormous people were affected because of cancer. The reason for this is considered to be the modern lifestyle. People have started switching over their option from healthy foods to tasty foods.

In the initial days there were no prefect diagnoses for cancer. But this is not the case in current trend. Many cancer institutes have occupied the market to provide the best cancer treatment for the affected people. This article is about the leading cancer institutes found in India.

Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
This cancer hospital was located in Mumbai. This hospital is quite famous for their chemotherapy treatment. The most fortunate factor is this institute provides free cancer treatment for about 70% of their patients. This hospital will make the best choice for the people leading their life with very low income. While considering the radiology technology, the Ct scanners, MRI and ultra sound systems were used for treating cancer. Apart from treatment, this is also the place for research and education. Link

Kidwai Memorial Institute, Bangalore
This institute is located in Bangalore and it is highly famous for their advanced treatments. This is also one of the most leading hospitals in India. This hospital tends to provide free treatment for the people who are really suffering with poor economical background. Apart from this, all the equipment and devices used in the hospital are highly renowned for their quality. That is they involve only the best equipment. Link

Adyar Cancer Hospital, Chennai
This cancer hospital is located in Chennai and it was opened in the year 1954. Apart from cancer treatment, they also possess tobacco stoppage programs and other services which help in getting rid of drug addiction. The hospital has executed various surgeries with good output. Link

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