Blue Berries – the best source of Anti Oxidants

Will you believe if I say that eating blue berries will increase your intelligence? If not you will trust this statement once after reading this article.

Blue Berries – the best source of Anti Oxidants -

The researcher’s statement
A recent survey has stated that the people who took blue berries for their breakfast have shown better performance in various activities. And this performance is extremely higher than the people who are provided with other food stuffs for their breakfast. After a great experimental analysis, it is found that the blue berries are highly rich in anti oxidants which tend to keep the body active for a long time period. It is also calculated that the energy attained from blue berries tends to keep the human body active for about 4-5 hours. Hence people who intake blue berries for their breakfast will remain active even in the afternoon.

How does this happen?
If you wonder how it happens, here is the brief definition. When the kids are provided with blue berries, the anti oxidants in the fruit stimulate their blood flow to a greater extent. And because of this, the oxygen gets circulated to the brain; thus keeping the mind fresh and active. Obviously good oxygen supply to brain will increase the intelligence and provides good mental support to their body. This is the reason why experts suggest providing blue berries for kid’s breakfast. This is not only the best food for kids but the people who tend to work for a long time can prefer these fruits for their breakfast.

Once if you have decided to provide blue berries for your family, you can provide them in many different forms. One of the best suggestions to provide blue berries for kids is in the form of smoothie. This is because kids always tend to have a great craze towards smoothie.

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