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Top 3 Cancer Hospital in India

Top 3 Cancer Hospital in India -
As you all know cancer is the most harmful disease in current trend and day by day enormous people were affected because of cancer. The reason for this is considered to be the modern lifestyle. People have started switching over their option from healthy foods to tasty foods.

In the initial days there were no prefect diagnoses for cancer. But this is not the case in current trend. Many cancer institutes have occupied the market to provide the best cancer treatment for the affected people. This article is about the leading cancer institutes found in India.
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Top 3 Cancer Hospitals in the World

The most shocking factor regarding the cancer is this is a deadly disease which is spreading around the world. Even though many medications and treatments were introduced for this disease many people dies out of this because of unawareness. To avoid cancer risks, people who tend to feel any symptoms of cancer must immediately take into the concern of the leading cancer centers.
SymptomTop 3 Cancer Hospitals in the Worlds of Cancer -
It is to be noted that the best treatment for cancer can be done only in the cancer centers and not the other normal hospitals. People who are seeking for the best cancer centers across the world can make use of the following listing.
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Symptoms of Cancer

Cancer is the undesirable cells that start develops due to mutation in our body organs. The exact cause for the cancer has not yet been found. There are various symptoms for cancer. At the initial stage there will not be any symptoms. As the cancer develops we can see the symptoms. Symptoms will be in the form of form of bleeding, pain, irregular shaped moles etc.

Symptoms of Cancer -

Symptoms differ for each type of cancer. Each cancer type has its own symptoms. You will find bleeding while excretion of feces .In case of women bleeding will occur in between their periods. You also can feel the pain in the areas where the cancer cells are being developed. One will have frequent vomiting with blood. Bleeding will occur while coughing also.
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Smoking causes prostate cancer

Many people think that smoking causes only the respiratory problems but there are several risk and medical facts behind the habit of smoking.
Smoking causes prostate
This article is written to reveal the hazardous effects of smoking and how they are related to cancer. Even though this is shocking, it is clinically proved that smoking causes prostate cancer. In a recent medical survey it is stated that people who tends to smoke more often that is the chain smokers were severely affected by prostate cancer than the non smokers.
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Cancer diagnosis increases the risk of Stroke

The new patients who are treated with cancer diagnosis are supposed to suffer from severe health problems. Even though these problems were not realized in the initial stage, they were discovered few days after the diagnosis. Especially these people were supposed to suffer from the severe problem of strokes. Many patients have come forwarded clamming for compensation. This issue was not found with the cancer free seniors.
Cancer diagnosis increases the risk of Stroke -
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The spots to be checked for Skin Cancer

The spots to be checked for Skin Cancer1 -
Do you think that you can come to the conclusion once after checking your face and arms? But this is not the fact, to come to a better conclusion about cancer; you are supposed to examine some sensitive spots which is possible only under the guidance of a medical expert. Since these are the most sensitive spots, it is highly risky to examine without the presence of medical experts.
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5 ways to get down the risk of Breast Cancer

Today breast cancer is one of the most common problems among women. The main reason behind this is considered to be their unawareness on breast cancer. Here are few tips which will help in cutting down the risks of best cancer.
5 ways to get down the risk of breast
Limit alcohol intake:
It is clinically found that breast cancer is more common among the women who have the habit of in taking alcohol more often. About 70% of these women were affected because of breast cancer. Hence women who tend to intake alcohol can limit their intake. Two to three drinks a week are advisable for women.
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Uses and Facts about Green Tea benefits

From the topic you knew what I talking about it today and you all read umpteen articles about green tea benefits but still I am here to tell you with some interesting facts about how it helps through health, skin and hair which is very important in our lifestyle.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants called catechins which help out in internal and external detoxification by eliminating internally toxic build-ups associated with unhealthy eating habits such as unprocessed foods, aerated drinks, sugar etc… And externally which helps out fight damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals can form in your skin for a variety of reasons, including exposure to toxins. However, the most common cause of free radicals in skin cells is UV radiation from sunlight, which causes up to 90% of all signs of premature aging.
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