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Good Nutrition for Diabetic Patient

Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which the blood glucose level increases beyond the limit. This is due to absence of insulin hormone which is responsible for the cells to intake glucose there by the glucose is converted in to energy by the process of oxidation.
Good Nutrition for Diabetic
The diabetic patients will be lack energy and nutrition if healthy diet is not practised. The patient suffered from diabetes should reduce the carbohydrate content food like rice and some vegetables like potato, beet root etc.
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Diabetes in Senior Citizen

Diabetes is one type of metabolic disease. It causes increase in blood glucose level for long period of time. There are two types of diabetes namely type 1 and type 2. The elder people are mostly affected by type 2 diabetes.

The higher percentage of diabetic patients is senior citizens. Today’s life style and hypertension are the major cause for diabetes. Excess body mass and inadequate exercise are also the major causes. Alcohol consumption and fast food plays vital role in causing diabetes.

Diabetes in Senior Citizen - fndplan
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The best tricks to control Diabetes

If you are interested in controlling your diabetes you are supposed to strictly follow good diet and exercise practices. It is to be noted that you must keep your body weight in control to concern your fitness and to fight against diabetes.
The best tricks to control diabetes - How to control Diabetes -
As a first step, you are supposed to analyze where you are. That is you must be aware of where the problem actually starts. For example you are supposed to note the food items which don’t favor the health of a diabetes patient. If you find any it is more important to correct your food before correcting your other routine habits.
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The symptoms of Diabetes Type 2

The symptoms of Diabetes Type 2-
Many people come to know about diabetes only after exposing to medical testing. But there are several other symptoms which can be realized the presence of diabetes 2. Knowing these symptoms will help in realizing the presence of diabetes at the very initial stage.

A recent survey in US states that about 24 million of people were affected because of diabetes 2. And the most unfortunate factor in this statement is only 18 million of people knew that they were affected by diabetes and others were unaware of it. Here are the symptoms which will help in detecting diabetes at the very initial stage.
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Type 1 Diabetes are highly found in Kids

In a medical survey which is conducted recently it is found that kids possess about 70% of type 1 diabetes. About 30 percentages of the kids below the age group of 14 were affected by the diabetic problems. When this survey was published, the readers were shocked on reading it and many objected this survey. But it was proven that the survey was true and the impact of diabetes is high in children now a day. The US medical survey center also insisted that if this situation continues, the kids affected by diabetes will again increase by 25% in 2050. And they also stated that this condition is highly unimaginable and risky.

Type 1 diabetes are highly found in kids -
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Easy Steps to Check Your Blood Glucose Level

People who are affected by diabetes feel it more difficult to test their blood sugar level. Because of the difficulty many people tends to reject their testing. Since they were unaware of the as a result of this fear, they fails to track their blood glucose level which in turn ends in major health issues in future. This article is written to favor such people and to guide them in finding the blood glucose level easily.

Easy Steps to Check Your Blood Glucose Level - diabetes blood sugar test strips -

If you are monitoring glucose level right from home, you can prick your finger and this will not cause great hurt. In some cases people am feel the pain but in most cases, they do not. In case if you are pricking the finger, avoiding prinking the finger tip as this may cause severe pain. It is better to prick the side of finger as they will not hurt you more. Continue Reading