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Take healthy foods for healthy lifestyle

Take healthy foods for healthy lifestyle -
To live a happy life, money is not a matter of fact, but one must be healthy enough. Not just the money can bring you happiness, but if a person falls ill, the loss cannot be retrieved through money. Hence you can spend little time to take care of your health instead of concentrating of earning money. Food must not be taken as a part of daily work, but the food which you take must be enjoyed and their essence must be felt. It is better to avoid take food at non preferable time.

One can take food three times a day and in the middle they can enjoy having healthy stuffs like fruits, vegetables salads and other healthy stuffs. It is always advisable and better to stay out of junk foods as they are responsible for many harmful diseases like cancer, diabetes and many. Especially kids should not be fed with junk foods in order to provide them better taste. This is because if they are feed with such food in the early stage, they will feel it difficult to change their food habits in future.

The foods which are rich in vitamin A must be highly preferred. The food which are highly rich in vitamin A will enhance the iron content in body and will provide better stamina for executing work throughout the day. Apart A, the food which are highly rich in vitamin C, D and E must be taken in larger amount.

To provide good strength for the bones, the food which is rich in minerals and calcium must be taken. Calcium will also help in overcoming the dental problems. Green leaves and vegetables are the best stuffs in the world which are highly rich in all the nutrition needed for the body. Help one can add more green leaves and vegetables to their routine diet without any constraint.

Smoking causes prostate cancer

Many people think that smoking causes only the respiratory problems but there are several risk and medical facts behind the habit of smoking.
Smoking causes prostate
This article is written to reveal the hazardous effects of smoking and how they are related to cancer. Even though this is shocking, it is clinically proved that smoking causes prostate cancer. In a recent medical survey it is stated that people who tends to smoke more often that is the chain smokers were severely affected by prostate cancer than the non smokers.
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The symptoms of Diabetes Type 2

The symptoms of Diabetes Type 2-
Many people come to know about diabetes only after exposing to medical testing. But there are several other symptoms which can be realized the presence of diabetes 2. Knowing these symptoms will help in realizing the presence of diabetes at the very initial stage.

A recent survey in US states that about 24 million of people were affected because of diabetes 2. And the most unfortunate factor in this statement is only 18 million of people knew that they were affected by diabetes and others were unaware of it. Here are the symptoms which will help in detecting diabetes at the very initial stage.
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Cancer diagnosis increases the risk of Stroke

The new patients who are treated with cancer diagnosis are supposed to suffer from severe health problems. Even though these problems were not realized in the initial stage, they were discovered few days after the diagnosis. Especially these people were supposed to suffer from the severe problem of strokes. Many patients have come forwarded clamming for compensation. This issue was not found with the cancer free seniors.
Cancer diagnosis increases the risk of Stroke -
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Tips to become Exercise Addict

Are you attempting to get addicted yourself to exercise? Though this sounds to be an easy task you are supposed to put forth much effort to yield better result out of it. The first and foremost aspect you are supposed to remember is the timing. That is you must prefer doing exercise at right time.
Tips to become Exercise Addict -
Morning is the right time to do exercise rather than evening. Doing exercise in the morning will keep you fresh and healthy throughout the day. It is also to be remembered that you must exercise daily in spite of your hectic schedule.
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Factors to be considered before Dieting

Factors to be considered before
Many people think that dieting is too tough as they sound to be. But it is not the fact. Diet is easy if the healthy foods are concerned rather than the tasty foods. People who are dieting for leading a healthy lifestyle need to be me conscious on what they eat. They should avoid skipping meals at any instant. There are many people who tend to skip their breakfast. But this doesn’t sound good for diet. Breakfast should not be skipped at any instant; because the energy taken in breakfast will determine the energy level throughout the day. Hence it is better to avoid skipping meals.
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Running is a part of Medication

Can you believe if I say you that running is a part of mediation? Ok, let’s take a practical example; after running for a long time when you come to the state of rest, you can feel that your mind is clam without any distraction. Doesn’t this state a mode of meditation? Even though experts says that we can meditate while running, in practical this sounds to be mission unrealizable. For realizing this concept you are supposed to make sure what meditation is and what do they mean for your health?
Running is a part of Medication -
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Foodstuffs that can make you feel better

Everyone wants to lead a perfect healthy lifestyle. But no one here I ready to take effort for it. Today everyone is eating the unhealthy food stuff even after knowing its side effects. And many make mistake since they were unaware of the healthy food stuffs in their locality.

This article will help such people to point out the healthy foods for leading a healthy lifestyle. In today’s trend there were many medicines for various diseases. But this was not the case in olden days. In bygone days food were considered as the best medicine for many disease and obviously the medical experts cured many diseases through healthy diets.
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5 ways to get down the risk of Breast Cancer

Today breast cancer is one of the most common problems among women. The main reason behind this is considered to be their unawareness on breast cancer. Here are few tips which will help in cutting down the risks of best cancer.
5 ways to get down the risk of breast
Limit alcohol intake:
It is clinically found that breast cancer is more common among the women who have the habit of in taking alcohol more often. About 70% of these women were affected because of breast cancer. Hence women who tend to intake alcohol can limit their intake. Two to three drinks a week are advisable for women.
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5 Food that is rich in calcium

People who are unaware of the importance of calcium can refer this article. Calcium is the most important minerals which help in building healthy bones, teeth and muscles. The adults must intake approximately 1000 milligrams of calcium per day. But because of this unawareness they tend to omit calcium in their routine diet. It can also be said that calcium are the body building minerals which are highly needed for the people of all age group.

5 Food that is rich in calcium - Collard greens - Broccoli - Kale - Edamame - Figs

Collard greens:
This is a food stuff which posses about 268mg of calcium in one cup. This is not only rich in calcium but they are enriched with vitamin a which is responsible for sharp vision. People who tend to intake this collard regularly will possess sharp vision even in their older age.
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