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The Importance of Diet in Kids

The planning and following a regular diet for kids help in nourishing them with all type of nutrition and minerals. It will improve the good and healthy eating habits. The nutrition deficiency can be avoided. If the children are deficient of nutrition it will affect their growth both physically and mentally. It will affect their adolescent stage too. The strength of adults depends on their childhood nourishment.
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Diet ideas for Children

A balanced diet is needed for children to enhance their growth. Through balanced diet we can avoid nutrition deficiency in children and make them to be healthy and active. Exercising good food habits for the children is essential and be achieved through planned healthy diet. Childhood obesity can also be prevented.
Diet plan for children will vary according to their age. For infants up to 10 months old breast feed is the only way to intake the nutrition. Cow milk is not the appropriate nutrition for these stage kids. Mother should be healthy in order to sufficient breast milk. From the sixth month if the baby is fit semi solid food made cereals can be given. Egg yolks, grains, vegetables and fruits can be started giving. Children under age two should not be given low fat milk. They require fat calories for the growth.
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Type 1 Diabetes are highly found in Kids

In a medical survey which is conducted recently it is found that kids possess about 70% of type 1 diabetes. About 30 percentages of the kids below the age group of 14 were affected by the diabetic problems. When this survey was published, the readers were shocked on reading it and many objected this survey. But it was proven that the survey was true and the impact of diabetes is high in children now a day. The US medical survey center also insisted that if this situation continues, the kids affected by diabetes will again increase by 25% in 2050. And they also stated that this condition is highly unimaginable and risky.

Type 1 diabetes are highly found in kids -
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