Diabetes in Senior Citizen

Diabetes is one type of metabolic disease. It causes increase in blood glucose level for long period of time. There are two types of diabetes namely type 1 and type 2. The elder people are mostly affected by type 2 diabetes.

The higher percentage of diabetic patients is senior citizens. Today’s life style and hypertension are the major cause for diabetes. Excess body mass and inadequate exercise are also the major causes. Alcohol consumption and fast food plays vital role in causing diabetes.

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The senior citizens are at higher risk of death because of the diabetes. Many health issues are followed after diabetes. Heart disease , kidney failure, eye problems and hearing impairment are caused mainly due to diabetes.

The symptoms of diabetes in senior citizens are,

  • Polyuria : The frequent urination is known as polyuria. The number of urination per day will be more than 15 times.
  • Polydipsia : The frequent thirst is known as polydipsia. Due to polyuria the patient will be dehydrated and hence he will the thirst often.
  • Polyphagia : The extreme tiredness is known as polyphagia. Due to diabetes the body cells will not acquire sufficient amount of glucose. So there will not enough energy production by the cells.

The another major symptom in senior citizen due to diabetes is swollen of leg. If the swelling is more and exist for prolonged time removal of leg will be required.

Identification of Diabetes:

If the blood sugar level in empty stomach is greater than or equal to 126 mg/dl and after two hours of meals if the blood sugar level is greater than or equal to 200 mg/dl then it is confirmed as diabetes.

Steps to take care of Senior Citizens:

Proper healthy diet should be given. Intake of high sugar content vegetables and fruits can be avoided. More fibre foods should be taken. Physical activity like walking is required. Relaxation of mind is more important.

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