Diet ideas for Children

A balanced diet is needed for children to enhance their growth. Through balanced diet we can avoid nutrition deficiency in children and make them to be healthy and active. Exercising good food habits for the children is essential and be achieved through planned healthy diet. Childhood obesity can also be prevented.
Diet plan for children will vary according to their age. For infants up to 10 months old breast feed is the only way to intake the nutrition. Cow milk is not the appropriate nutrition for these stage kids. Mother should be healthy in order to sufficient breast milk. From the sixth month if the baby is fit semi solid food made cereals can be given. Egg yolks, grains, vegetables and fruits can be started giving. Children under age two should not be given low fat milk. They require fat calories for the growth.

Giving variety of fruits and vegetables and other foods will help to nourish baby with all type of nutrition. From the age of two ensure that fat content in food is moderate as high fat may develop child obesity which has high risk for heart problems.

Routine check up of children to find out whether they are deficient of any nutrition is absolutely necessary. This helps to nourish the children with a balanced diet.

Children may refuse to eat green vegetables and leaves. Healthy and tasty dishes can be made to make them to have all variety of vegetables. Healthy snacks can be encouraged. Children must have sufficient amount of dairy products like milk, cheese, yoghurt, etc. Children those who do not take dairy products will be lack of calcium. Make sure whether the children is having all variety of minerals which has major role in their growth. Proteins involve in cell division. So the children require plenty of it for good height and weight.

Junk foods, fast foods and coloured drinks should be mostly avoided as it produce hormone imbalance especially for girl child which makes them to attain puberty at very early age. Make the children to have enough physical activity which also helps them in mental growth.

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