Good Nutrition for Diabetic Patient

Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which the blood glucose level increases beyond the limit. This is due to absence of insulin hormone which is responsible for the cells to intake glucose there by the glucose is converted in to energy by the process of oxidation.
Good Nutrition for Diabetic
The diabetic patients will be lack energy and nutrition if healthy diet is not practised. The patient suffered from diabetes should reduce the carbohydrate content food like rice and some vegetables like potato, beet root etc.

The food rich in fibre and protein are the best nutrition for the diabetic patient. The mixed balanced diet of all nutrition like protein, carbohydrate, fibre, fat and vitamin help patient to be healthy and not to be bored.

Green vegetables and leaves are fibre rich and it controls the glucose level. Bitter guard, beans and other similar kind of vegetables provide high nutrition. Pulses and cereals are rich in protein. These can be taken more and which do not affect the diabetic patients and helps in maintaining the blood glucose level. Mixture of grains can be added in daily meals. These give high energy without affecting the blood glucose level.

Nuts and seeds are one of the major nutrition for diabetic patient. Oats, brown rice, wheat can be added instead of rice. Fruits also can be taken at regular intervals. Guava without ripening, pomegranate, orange are all can be taken little amount at regular intervals. Avoiding of meat is more important. Meat contains high fat and carbohydrates which is also not easily digestible. This causes risk and other health problems for the diabetic patients. Whereas fish and fish oils can be taken without cooking in oil.

Milk and milk products can also be taken when the fat content is removed but not often and beyond the limit.

Alcohol and smoking should be strictly avoided. Hot beverages, coloured drinks and junk foods have high calories. High calorie foods are difficult to burn. This is more complicated for diabetic patients. More physical activity is required.

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