How should a Good Diet be?

Diet is the most important thing to be followed apart from exercise to be healthy and fit. Diet is not skipping food and being lean. A good diet is a balanced diet. Balanced diet is the one which contains all types of nutrition like carbohydrate, protein, fat, fibre and minerals. This helps to maintain the body weight and also to be healthy.
How should a Good Diet be?
Before planning our diet we should be aware of our nutrition deficiency. We must know in which nutrition our body is lagging and which is in excess amount. Depending on it we should decide the proportion of each nutrition that we have to take. Mostly people are lack of proteins and vitamins.

Proteins and vitamins should be added more because proteins and vitamins play major role in body functioning. In these days most of our diets do not contain these two nutrition. Another important nutrition is fibre. The body building and muscle strengthening are provided by fibre. Fiber helps in digestion and excretion too. So fibre should not be avoided.

Some people will avoid complete fats and carbohydrate which is a wrong and unhealthy approach of diet. The body needs glucose from which energy is being acquired through oxidation process. Fat is a composition of fatty acids which are essential for our body system. Some vitamins are only fat soluble. Vitamins A, D and K are fat soluble. So only if fat is there these vitamins can be carried and used effectively.

Fruits and vegetables have all nutrition. Fruits should be taken before meals. Rather than eating in one full stretch eating with regular intervals will help to be fit. Some enzymes are naturally present in raw vegetables which are essential for the digestion process. So taking little amount of raw vegetables should also be included in diet.

Minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorus etc are required for various activities in the body. So there should be some salt content in our diet. Drinking plenty of water helps in our metabolism and excretion of toxic from our body. Apart from all these adequate physical activities and good sleep are required to achieve the benefits of diet.

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