Smoking causes prostate cancer

Many people think that smoking causes only the respiratory problems but there are several risk and medical facts behind the habit of smoking.
Smoking causes prostate
This article is written to reveal the hazardous effects of smoking and how they are related to cancer. Even though this is shocking, it is clinically proved that smoking causes prostate cancer. In a recent medical survey it is stated that people who tends to smoke more often that is the chain smokers were severely affected by prostate cancer than the non smokers.

The other great disadvantage is smoking will spread the cancer cells at a rapid speed throughout the body. Thus, they tend to increase the risk of cancer. Not only the cancer cells, but smoking also leads to several other medical problems like tumor cells. Even though these tumor cells are operated and removed, they will appear again as the result of smoking. Hence people who are affected by tumor cells can stop smoking or they can switch over their option to electronic cigarettes which will not cause any negative impacts on health.

The most interesting fact is this is the problem which is found among the current smokers. But this was not the case with the former smokers. But the side effects were common in bother cases. When the side effects were analyzes, it is found that the smokers tends to have certain urinary problems. And this is the reason why people who take treat for cancer tends to possess certain side effects related to the urinary factors.

The medical experts also say that the former smokers feel it too easy to give up smoking before starting the cancer treatment. But this is a great issue with the current smokers as they will never give up smoking and as a result of this they tend to experience more side effects.

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