The spots to be checked for Skin Cancer

The spots to be checked for Skin Cancer1 -
Do you think that you can come to the conclusion once after checking your face and arms? But this is not the fact, to come to a better conclusion about cancer; you are supposed to examine some sensitive spots which is possible only under the guidance of a medical expert. Since these are the most sensitive spots, it is highly risky to examine without the presence of medical experts.

The spots to be checked for Skin Cancer2 -
Can you imagine that the cancers will get hidden in the belly button? You believe it or not but this is the fact. And because of this unawareness many people doesn’t come to know about the appearance of cancer cells in their body. This is the most important spot to be checked for detecting the presence of skin cancer. The next sensitive spot to be checked is the pubic area. Most experts have diagnosed the skin cancer cells on genitals. The next spot to be checked is the neck region. In some cases women who use to wear ponytails may have spots because of sunlight. In such case, these spots can be ignored or they must be taken into doctor’s concern.

The spots to be checked for Skin Cancer3 -
Apart from these spots the cancer cells will be more aggressive in lips and ears. Hence if a person detects any skin fades and spots on these regions, they must immediately consult their doctor for further procedures/ tests. One of the common symptoms which influence the presence of skin cancer cells is the melanoma. This can be felt on palm, soles of the feet and even at nail beds. Last but not least, this is the most common spot where women often get affected by melanoma. The region is nothing but the legs; this can be easily detected in the women who use to wear short skirts or any shorts.

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