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Take healthy foods for healthy lifestyle - fndplan.com
To live a happy life, money is not a matter of fact, but one must be healthy enough. Not just the money can bring you happiness, but if a person falls ill, the loss cannot be retrieved through money. Hence you can spend little time to take care of your health instead of concentrating of earning money. Food must not be taken as a part of daily work, but the food which you take must be enjoyed and their essence must be felt. It is better to avoid take food at non preferable time.

One can take food three times a day and in the middle they can enjoy having healthy stuffs like fruits, vegetables salads and other healthy stuffs. It is always advisable and better to stay out of junk foods as they are responsible for many harmful diseases like cancer, diabetes and many. Especially kids should not be fed with junk foods in order to provide them better taste. This is because if they are feed with such food in the early stage, they will feel it difficult to change their food habits in future.

The foods which are rich in vitamin A must be highly preferred. The food which are highly rich in vitamin A will enhance the iron content in body and will provide better stamina for executing work throughout the day. Apart A, the food which are highly rich in vitamin C, D and E must be taken in larger amount.

To provide good strength for the bones, the food which is rich in minerals and calcium must be taken. Calcium will also help in overcoming the dental problems. Green leaves and vegetables are the best stuffs in the world which are highly rich in all the nutrition needed for the body. Help one can add more green leaves and vegetables to their routine diet without any constraint.

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