Type 1 Diabetes are highly found in Kids

In a medical survey which is conducted recently it is found that kids possess about 70% of type 1 diabetes. About 30 percentages of the kids below the age group of 14 were affected by the diabetic problems. When this survey was published, the readers were shocked on reading it and many objected this survey. But it was proven that the survey was true and the impact of diabetes is high in children now a day. The US medical survey center also insisted that if this situation continues, the kids affected by diabetes will again increase by 25% in 2050. And they also stated that this condition is highly unimaginable and risky.

Type 1 diabetes are highly found in kids - fndplan.com

When the reason for this problem is analyzed, the food they intake is considered as a supreme reason. A great problem in diagnosing the diabetes in kids is they cannot explain what they feel. For example, they cannot talk if they feel something different in their body and obviously they don’t know how to react in such situations. Hence as the parents, it is their responsibility to watch each and every movement of their kids. In case if tend to soak more diapers than usual the parents must take them to a pediatrician immediately.

They must be tested for their sugar levels. Dehydration is also a common symptom of diabetics. Hence if the children drinks waster of liquid content in large quality, they must be checked for their blood sugar level. In some extreme cases children will bed wet in spite of their usual behavior. Children who are affected by diabetes will exert a fruity smell when they breathe and at times they will have breathing problems. In case if any of these systems are found among kids they must be immediately taken into diagnosis to avoid huge risks.

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