Uses and Facts about Green Tea benefits

From the topic you knew what I talking about it today and you all read umpteen articles about green tea benefits but still I am here to tell you with some interesting facts about how it helps through health, skin and hair which is very important in our lifestyle.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants called catechins which help out in internal and external detoxification by eliminating internally toxic build-ups associated with unhealthy eating habits such as unprocessed foods, aerated drinks, sugar etc… And externally which helps out fight damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals can form in your skin for a variety of reasons, including exposure to toxins. However, the most common cause of free radicals in skin cells is UV radiation from sunlight, which causes up to 90% of all signs of premature aging.

Green teas are made of fermented leaves that appear to preserve polyphenols which is natural compound found in tea which is not found in black or other teas and that detoxification is due to its high polyphenols content. And, the level of caffeine level in cup of green tea is relatively less in cup of coffee and other teas which is really good for health.

Health benefits:

  • Green tea in itself does not have calories. So until to decide to add sweeteners or milk in your cup of tea it is a top calorie-free drink.
  • Green Tea keeps the metabolism level normal which does not allow excess fat to mount up in the body and it contains fluoride which helps to fight cavities and strengthen our bones.
  • As you know, Tea always reduces the risk of hypertension and it’s also very effective in reducing the stress hormones.
  • Green enhances good amount of immune system of the body. So, who is regular with tea are less likely to catch cold and flu.
  • Green tea loaded with amino acids present in tea helps to improve the concentration power of a person.
  • The level of antioxidants rich in green tea help to reduce the risk of cancer.
Skin benefits:

  • Once the green tea comes normal temperature, you can freeze up in refrigerator and you can rub those ice cubes on face before going bed for relaxing and toning your face.
  • Green tea can be mixed up with any face packs such as multani mitti or besan instead of normal water.

Hair benefits:

  • Green tea has rich in antioxidants which is helpful for reducing hair-fall and boost the growth of hair
  • And, Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties which eliminates dandruff also.

I think now you have some idea to brew green tea instead of our regular tea or coffee to make yourself better. So, now when you know about all these benefits I would suggest you to avoid adding milk and sugar in you tea. No matter how tasteless it may be but to reap all the benefits of these magical leaves you need to do it. Make sure to have 2 to 3 cups per day in regular periods.

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